Epoxy Coating

There are 3 epoxy coating grades, base coat which is the initial bond coat to the clean base surface, re-enforcement coat (optional) for build up to achieve a smooth surface or to achieve a dimensional measurement, and top coat which is applied over the base or re-enforcement coat. At minimum there are 2 coats required, base and top. There is no maximum build up size, the thickness can be a minimum of 0.5mm (.02 inches) to 20 cm (8 inches) with all technical properties remaining constant.

Blue Seal Epoxy
Base Coat

Blue Seal top coat epoxy coating is the primer coat of the application process.  It contains more adhesive properties; this coat binds to the substrate with 5700 psi direct bond strength. It can be sprayed brushed or troweled on.

Blue Seal Epoxy
Reinforcement Coat

Blue Seal reinforcement epoxy coating it is used primarily to fill holes and pitting where corrosion and erosion has diminished the substrate.

Blue Seal Epoxy
Top Coat

Blue Seal top coat epoxy coating is applied as the final coat. Its smooth texture enhances hydro dynamic efficiency and increases flow rate.


With over 15 years of advanced formula Blue Seal is the world’s leading hi-tech epoxy resin as its base, chemical resistant glass flake is added to the mix to provide a wafer-board-type construction. The resin surrounding the glass flake provides flexibility, while the glass platelets act as a thermal barrier to prevent cracking.

Other epoxy agents are added to the resin to provide elasticity and superior adhesion strength. The resulting coating mixture is immune to corrosion as it is non-metallic, immune to cavitation and immune to electrolysis because it is a dielectric insulator.

As Blue Seal’s epoxy coating is constructed of 100% solids there is zero impact to the environment after curing. Blue Seal forms a formidable barrier against any type of liquid, gas vapor, oxygen or chemical penetration.

In a typical three-coat which would entail one primer base coat, one reinforcement coat and one topcoat application, Blue Seal will form a impervious surface. And while other coatings may easily crack or break when the substrate flexes, Blue Seal retains up to 12% elasticity to expand and contract along with the substrate.

Due to the spray finish of Blue Seal it is excellent for breaking the surface tension of the water which will increase the hydro dynamic efficiency to any surface.

Blue Seal seals off any air or humidity exposure to the surface of the substrate it is protecting. Without air and moisture there is no oxygenation of the substrate. This will dramatically reduce maintenance and operational costs.

The Blue Seal top coat can be properly scrubbed or pressure washed without damage to product or the environment.