Blue Seal is a hi-tech epoxy resin, not an industrial paint. Its unique combination properties are far superior to any other industrial coating system on the market.  Paints are porous so water and vapor will penetrate the painted surfaces and attack the substrate resulting in deterioration of metal. Blue Seal is non-porous and allows no water, moisture or marine organisms to penetrate.


Marine Epoxy

The Blue Seal coating system is superior to regular marine paint to make long-lasting repairs, protect surfaces exposed to marine environmentsLearn More


Blue Seal is excellent as a chemical coating in sewage tanks, water tanks, ballast tanks, fuel tanks and cargo tanks.Learn More

Waste Water

Blue Seal is used extensively in sewage treatment plants. It is applied before the grid separation on the large screw augers to protect the leading edge of the shaft.Learn More


Blue Seal is used extensively in hydro electric generating dams worldwide. Blue Seal’s low coefficient to friction increases flow rates.Learn More

Oil & Gas

Blue Seal is used as an industrial epoxy paint on the holding and separation tanks, and all the vessel’s pipes passing the product between the oil rig and vessel.Learn More