Unlike regular chemical paint, the chemical attack from the hydrogen sulfides in sewage or salt water or ballast tanks have no effect on the Blue Seal coating. Tanks, cargo holds and fish holds are excellent applications for Blue Seal especially with cargo ships that transport bulk chemicals.

Due to our extreme chemical resistance, our standard warranty on tanks is 10 years. Blue Seal is excellent as a chemical coating in sewage tanks, water tanks, ballast tanks, fuel tanks and cargo tanks. Because of Blue Seal’s durability and high chemical resistance it out performs all other tank coatings.

Blue Seal can also be used in intake manifolds and charged air manifolds to protect the engine from chemical attack inside many engines. On some engines, when the exhaust gases are sucked in into the intake, sulphur from the exhaust will precipitate into sulphuric acid inside the intake manifold after the charged air cooler causing extreme corrosion. Blue Seal can be used to coat these areas to protect them from chemical attack and preserve integrity of the engine.

Before and After Photos

Chemical TanksChemical Tank - BeforeChemical Tank - After