Blue Seal is used extensively in hydro electric generating dams. Blue Seal has worked on many dams worldwide. Blue Seal’s low coefficient to friction increases flow rates. All backed by a warranty and or maintenance program.

Toshiba Uses Blue Seal

Toshiba is a user of Blue Seal for the repair and protection of turbine working areas in hydro electric generating stations up to 750 megawatts. Blue Seal is applied to the following areas and components:

  • Wicket gates
  • Turbine blades
  • Runner hub
  • Turbine shaft
  • Draft tube
  • Staying gates
  • Penstock
  • Intermediate cone
  • Lower cone
  • Spillway gates
  • Discharge ring
  • Suction tube
  • Concrete areas
Blue Seal is the most durable hi-tech epoxy paint on the market today. It can be applied in temperatures as low as -20 Celsius with an overcoat time of 20 minutes, and operationally ready in less than 12 hours. Blue Seal can also be used to rebuild pumps and impellors which are machined back to spec. This is particularly useful to rebuild discontinued parts or when replacement parts have long delivery times as the rebuilding process can possibly be done in 1 day. Further, the rebuilt part would outlast a new part due to that fact that Blue Seal will not cavitate or erode.

Blue Seal is used to protect:

  • Draft Tubes
  • Penstocks
  • Turbine
  • Runner Blades
  • Runner Hub
  • Runner Cone
  • Wicket Gates

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