The Blue Seal coating system is superior to regular marine paint to make long-lasting repairs, protect surfaces exposed to marine environments and rebuild damaged parts or areas on vessels. Blue Seal is the strongest marine epoxy coating available on the market today. It will dramatically increase the life cycle of new parts and equipment.

If damage has already occurred, use Blue Seal to make repairs instead of replacing parts. It can be built up to several inches of thickness to patch holes, gouges and dents. Once applied, it will bring parts back to specifications by machining as needed. Blue Seal will adhere to itself, so additional coats may be applied after machining work is completed.

The US Navy Specs Blue Seal Products

The US Navy specs Blue Seal in their jet tunnels where the flow rates exceed 150 mph,  customers use Blue Seal to protect the hull of their ships, Lakers use Blue Seal to protect their cargo hold steel from iron ore falling from 60 feet off the loading conveyor. It is used by major tug companies to prevent erosion and cavitation throughout the vessel from hulls, non-skid decks, and inside kort nozzles for over 10 years with one application.

Everyone who uses Blue Seal becomes a testimonial that this product outperforms anything they have ever used before.

Blue Seal used as a marine coating and marine epoxy is a long lasting durable solution constructed to repair, protect and rebuild:

  • Non Skid Decks
  • Hulls
  • Anchor Lockers
  • Intake Manifolds
  • Pumps
  • Tanks
  • Bell Housings
  • Dielectric Shields
  • Jet Tunnels
  • Rudders
  • Thru-Hull Fittings
  • Bow Thrusters
  • Fish Holds
  • Kort Nozzles
  • Sea Strainers
  • Valves
  • Cargo Holds
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Piping
  • Sonar Tubes
  • Water Makers
  • Charge Air Manifolds
  • Propellers
  • Stern Tubes


Blue Seal can also be used as a primer under other products.  Some vessels, especially high end yachts, are required to be built up with a fairing compound to give yacht quality finish.  This will protect the hull and prevent corrosion from blistering the fairing compound.

Sail boat racing yachts use Blue Seal to reduce surface tension and increase their speed.

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Ice Case Study – Klondike Express[PDF 218KB]

Before and After photos

Pump Showing Severe Cavitation 2Pump BeforePump AfterPump after Blue Seal Coating #2PropellerJet Tunnel BeforeJet Tunnel AfterImpeller BeforeImpeller AfterEnd Housing Before and After 2End Housing Before and AfterEnd Housing Before Blue SealEnd Housing After Blue SealSea Strainers


Blue Seal has been used in jet tunnels for the US Navy for over eight years with zero repairs.  Jet tunnels are extremely taxing and are high cavitation environments which would cause most coatings to fail immediately. Jet tunnels coated with Blue Seal are protected against corrosion and cavitation.

Blue Seal has been used in jet tunnels around the world for over 15 years with amazing success.  We are specified by manufactures of high speed catamarans as well as the US Navy.

Applications - Jet Tunnel

This pump was rebuilt with Blue Seal rather than being replaced for a much higher cost.

Applications - Pump

Blue Seal eliminates cavitation damage normally associated with variable pitch propellers

Applications - Propeller