Blue Seal is used extensively in sewage treatment plants. It is applied before the grid separation on the large screw augers (7’ by 50’) to protect the leading edge of the shaft. Before the grid separation there is all sorts of bebris, such as rocks and wood. In addition, we apply Blue Seal to the lift stations, all pipes are coated internally, black water processors, clarifiers, aeration units, and floor areas where there is sludge impact.

Blue Seal Epoxy Provides The Best Protection

Waste water treatment, or sewage treatment is a perfect use for Blue Seal to repair and protect the plant and equipment. Blue Seal has been used by numerous treatment facilities for several years on the following areas and components:

  • Lift stations
  • Augers or screw pumps
  • Grit separators
  • Black water pipe
  • Clarifiers
  • Aeration basins
  • Chlorine contact chambers
  • Sodium hydrochloride tanks
  • Bisphate tanks, dewatering pumps
  • Containment basins
  • Digesters
  • Concrete repair
  • General piping

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Before and After Photos

wastewater pump_beforewastewater pump_after