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Blue Seal is a resin and not a paint. Its unique combination of properties is far superior to any other pool coating system on the market. Paints are porous so water and vapor ill penetrate the painted surfaces and attack the substrate resulting in delamination. Blue Seal is non-porous and will not allow water, moisture, or chlorine to penetrate. 



Blue Seal can be sprayed at 4,000 sq ft per hour. Most pools can be completed in a single day and filled the following day.

person applying Blue Seal top coat to a pool
Pool Coating


Unlike most pool paint and marcite, Blue Seal is completely inert and biologically safe. Blue Seal is manufactured using 100% solids and contains no biocides, tin, copper, or other harmful heavy metals. Blue Seal is so safe that it is NSF-61 and FDA compliant for use in potable water tanks and food service applications. 

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Seal it and forget it! Blue Seal outlasts any other pool paint on the market


Blue Seal coating system is 60 times stronger than the leading pool paint


Blue Seal can fill pitting and be applied to both concrete and fiberglass pools


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